So much for the #afterglow - #play me

A really classy Pre-wedding dinner…

Well, you guys missed a fun shoot tonight!

I was finally able to pick up a couple pieces from @kwanalee today! Wish I had more of an expendable income so I could get more!

This is the reason I can’t have nice things….

Finished my last final and came home to find this guy waiting in my mailbox. Coincidence? I think not.

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Well… here it is.

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Back to this… I couldn’t be happier anywhere else.

Happy Quatro de Gato!! Let’s go get some Mexican!!! (at El Maguey)

So this happened today… #cattop LOL

Lunch - Casper’s Chili on a cold, May Day… (at Casper’s Chili)

Let’s eat a kiwi - I wanna have a kiwi!